“ Education is the manifestation of divinity in man” said Vivekananda the greatest son of India. According to Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Nation, “Real education should be based on one’s mother tongue, one should be aware of rich spiritual and scientific heritage of the nation. Again in Gandhiji’s view if an educated person fails to find out his education, the system of education pursued by the state is a miserable feature . This perception highlights necessity of a job oriented agricultural and village based quality educational system. Which will make us proud of our rich heritage, life style dress code culture and custom. Ironically, when other nations took inspiration from these great men , and scaled heights, we as a nation , ignored the vision of Vivekananda and mahatma Gandhi and are paying for it very clearly .
B v n – Kerala chapter of Vidya Bharathi Sree Mokambika Vidyanikethan is a unit of Bharatheeya Vidyanikethan , the Kerala chapter of Vidya bharathi Akhila Bharatheeya siksha sansthan Lucknow an all India organization engaged in the field of education . Inspired by Vidya bharathi , the Bharatheeya vidyanikethan stared functioning in Kerala in the year 1979 preparing teacher’s for grooming children of pre- school stage and starting at the same time “Sisu Mandir’s” all over the state . In the year 1997 Sree Mookambika Vidyanikethan started functioning in a small rented house . in a few years of it’s operation , the strength increased multifold and the institution is now conducting classes from kiran to xth standard .